The disease myotonic dystrophy (dystrophia myotonica, DM) is one of the most common form of muscular dystrophies, and is a paradigm for a class of diseases caused by toxic RNA. We are using deep sequencing technologies, such as RNA-Seq and CLIP-Seq, in combination with molecular & cell biological techniques, to better understand how the expanded microsatellite repeat in this disease leads to a myriad of symptoms in virtually all tissues of the body, including skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscle, and also tissues of the central nervous system.

Recently, we found that the Muscleblind-like proteins (MBNLs), which are inactivated by the toxic RNA found in DM cells, also regulate the subcellular localization of many RNA species. We study how MBNL proteins can achieve these functions, and also how RNA localization is regulated at a basic level by RNA cis-elements and protein/RNA trans-factors. We aim to use both high-throughput, global approaches and high-resolution, single molecule approaches to define a "parts list" for RNA localization.

Finally, our studies of DM pathogenesis and RNA regulation are in part driven by a desire to find treatments for DM and other related diseases. We work with diverse partners in both the academic and industrial space to make progress in this area, and are taking a number of approaches to develop therapeutics that may one day enter the clinic.



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